Board of AdjustmentDec. 12, 2022

ITEM03 C16-2022-0004 ADV PACKET DEC 12 PART4 — original pdf

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ITEM3/169 ITEM3/170 ITEM3/171 From: To: Subject: Date: Clare Glinka Ramirez, Elaine Code Variance Request C16-2022-0004 Monday, October 10, 2022 8:50:46 AM *** External Email - Exercise Caution *** I am a resident of Delwood 2 and writing to oppose the code variance request to increase the size and height of the billboard. and turn it into a digital sign. Digital signs are a source of light pollution, and digital signs that change their content are a dangerous distraction for highway drivers. Increasing the size and height of the board will increase the light pollution in the neighborhood, and act as an unsightly and distracting advertisement on the highway. thanks, Clare Glinka CAUTION: This email was received at the City of Austin, from an EXTERNAL source. Please use caution when clicking links or opening attachments. If you believe this to be a malicious and/or phishing email, please forward this email to