Board of AdjustmentAug. 8, 2022

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M E M O R A N D U M TO: Mayor and Council DATE: January 14, 2022 FROM: Denise Lucas, Director, Development Services Department SUBJECT: Update on Resolution No. 20211014-045 – Board of Adjustment Applicant Assistance Program On October 14, 2021, City Council adopted Resolution No. 20211014-045 directing the City Manager to explore the creation of a Board of Adjustment Applicant Assistance Program (BAAP) for residential homestead applicants who are requesting a hardship variance or special exception. The resolution contemplates the creation of a BAAP fund to support fee waivers or reductions for applicants who meet the eligibility criteria; as well as pro bono assistance with navigating the application process and subsequent proceedings. To meet the requirements outlined in this resolution, staff is working with the Financial Services Department to identify a funding source. In addition, staff is working with the procurement office to develop a process to procure pro-bono legal services. Staff does not anticipate completing all the components of the Council direction until May 2022 at which time a full response will be provided. Should you have questions or need additional information, please contact Doron Silberstein, Equity and Inclusion Program Manager, at or (512) 978-1732. cc: Spencer Cronk, City Manager Rodney Gonzales, Assistant City Manager Item-10/1