Board of AdjustmentAug. 10, 2020

D-1 C15-2019-0063 PRESENTATION — original pdf

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Request for Variance 1507 Fairfield Drive The Board of Adjustment August 10, 2020 C15-2019-0063 D-1/1-P D-1/2-P Amended Request Original: To reduce rear setback to 0’ Amended: To reduce rear setback to 5’ No other variances requested as owner is working to bring property into compliance with Code. D-1/3-P Updates • Demolition and remodeling of former workshop ▫ Now 167.73 sq. ft. ▫ Previously ~ 350 sq. ft. • Removal of significant impervious cover (including bricks and pavers) • Demolition of 200 sq. ft. shed previously in rear and side setbacks • New fence on property to rear shields view • Code Enforcement case closed D-1/4-P Remodeled Former Wood Shop D-1/5-P D-1/6-P D-1/7-P D-1/8-P D-1/9-P D-1/10-P Purpose of Variance • To preserve long-standing former workshop that has provided a unique social interaction space for friends and neighbors for many years. • To preserve role as part of reunions, wakes, birthdays, and gatherings for nearly 20 years. • To prevent waste of existing structure. D-1/11-P Reasonable Use • Strict application of zoning regulations would require demolition of long-standing former workshop. • Very common for small structures to be within rear and side setbacks in this area. • Use of space for social interaction is reasonable. D-1/12-P Hardship • Hardship at time of construction believed to be due to then-existing surrounding trees. • Prior structure existed at around same location since prior to purchase of property in 1984. • Confusion due to the fence not on property line. • Relocation not feasible. • Nearby properties typically lack structures or trees in way of relocating long-standing structures. • Use of structure for social space unique to area. D-1/13-P Area Character • Approval would not alter character of area. • Structures in rear setbacks common to area. • Will help preserve character of neighborhood. • Structure part of neighborhood since 2002. • Community support. ▫ Neighbor: “We appreciate [Steve’s] artistic spirit and sense of community. We are in favor of the variance.” D-1/14-P Neighborhood Support • “Steve’s property, like himself, is unique, a bit weird, and part of what makes living in Austin wonderful.” • “The building is quite quaint and it would be sad if it had to be removed. It is the inspiration for many conversations and enjoyable evenings. I cannot imagine the benefit if it were removed—it is a part of our neighborhood and our history.” • “I do not consider his property an eyesore or an issue, and in fact know that many people hold it in high regard, and with fond memories. Please do whatever is in your power to allow this wonderful man to continue doing what he does for all of the people in his life, and allow the structure to stand as-is.” D-1/15-P