Board of AdjustmentAug. 10, 2020

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3005 WESTLAKE DRIVE AUSTIN, TX 78746 NEW Case # C15-2020-0036 Previous Case # C15-2019-0003 Variance request for reducing shoreline setback regulated per LDC 25-551(B)(1)(a) from 75' to 25' along man-made cove C-1/1-P REASONABLE USE • The original Lakeshore Addition lots 66, 67, 68 were platted in 1915 then replatted in 1965 to current configuration. • The applicant is requesting a reduced setback along the cove to accommodate a replacement of the existing single-family structure and associated accessory structures. • This is a fair a reasonable use in Lake Austin zoning category as that category specifically prescribes development of a residential nature. C-1/2-P HARDSHIPS • The original 1915 Lakeshore Addition lots were replatted in 1965. This placed the cove entirely on the all three lots. • The city changed the zoning from" A" First Height and Residential (which was essentially the same as today's SF-2 zoning) to “LA” Lake Austin zoning in the early 1980’s. The cove nor the main body was subject to net site area calculations under “A” zoning. • The rezoning to LA zoning requires any redevelopment of the property to be subject to LA regulations. • The city not historically applied the LA shoreline setback to coves. This has changed recently. This change has exacted approximately l0,810 SF of LA shoreline on a 108,832 SF lot, or roughly 37% of the property. Under the staff's prior interpretation of LA shoreline along the cove, this amount of land would not have been removed from the site's buildable area; only the 75' LA shoreline setback along the main body would have been removed for purposes of net site area calculations. C-1/3-P HARDSHIPS CONT. • The site has several encumbrances that affect the physical condition of the property by way of the following hardships: 1. The water in the cove accounts for roughly 12,778 SF of land area. 2. The cove and accompanying 75' shoreline setback stretch nearly 50% into the lot. 3. The northern side of the property has a 5' water line easement, further restricting development. packet). 4. The upper portion of the lot near Westlake Drive is unbuildable due to extensive slope. 5. The OSSF improvements are proposed for the front portion of the lot (see exhibit 5 in your 6. It is not reasonable to place ~3,300 SF OSSF improvements and drain field in the backyard. 7. Placing OSSF in front of residence pushes residence closer to cove/ shoreline setback. 8. 25' setback needed around cove near rear of lot in order to locate guest house on sliver of land between 75' and 25' setback areas along the main body of the lake. C-1/4-P NOT GENERAL TO THE AREA • Man-made inlets on private lots are fairly rare. They do exist and when they do, they create significant development constraints. • The Board has recognized this on similar properties. • Man-made inlets are not general to the area, but rather the exception. C-1/5-P AREA OF CHARACTER • Any construction will be in keeping the varied construction styles found along Lake Austin and this stretch of Westlake Dr. There will be no adverse impact to adjacent properties. • The proposed setback reduction would allow a reasonable use of the property, would not be dissimilar to other shoreline setbacks the Board has approved for sites with man made inlets on private property, and will have no adverse impact on adjacent properties. C-1/6-P 3005 WESTLAKE AERIAL C-1/7-P EXISTING CONDITIONS WITH 75’ SETBACK C-1/8-P EXISTING CONDITIONS WITH 25’ SETB ACK AROUND COVE C-1/9-P PROPOSED CONDITIONS WITH 25’ SETB ACK AT COVE & GUEST HOUSE OPTION 2 C-1/10-P