Board of AdjustmentAug. 10, 2020

E-4 UNO SIGN REGULATIONS — original pdf

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MEMORANDUM TO: Members of the Planning Commission FROM: Jerry Rusthoven, Assistant Director/Interim Lead Planning and Zoning Department DATE: May 22, 2020 SUBJECT: UNO Sign Regulations The Planning and Zoning Department is requesting the Commission initiate an amendment to the UNO ordinance to correct an inadvertent change made to the sign regulations in the ordinance. In November 2019 the City Council approved changes to the UNO ordinance. One of those changes was intended to address signs above the second story of a building. Those signs were required to be cut in or engraved into the structure of the building. If the name of a building were placed on the facade this made it physically difficult to change the name in the future. It was agreed by the stakeholders to remove this requirement. In making this change to the ordinance a mistake was made and the result is all illuminated signs were prohibited in the UNO area. This is not what was intended or agreed to by the stakeholders. Also, because the UNO sign regulations are also used in TODs and the North Burnet/Gateway Plan this mistake carries over to other areas. Staff is asking for the opportunity to correct the ordinance. We will be working with the same stakeholders involved in the November revisions. If you need additional information, please contact me by email or 512-974-3207. Cc: Andy Linseisen, Assistant Director, DSD E-4/1