Board of AdjustmentAug. 10, 2020

E-1 BOA MONTHLY REPORT — original pdf

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BOA Monthly Report July 2020-June 2021 July 13, 2020 Granted PP Cases Withdrawn Denied 2 1 0 3 1) 25-10-133(C) to exceed sign area from 150 sq.ft. and (G) illuminate Both signs 2) 25-2-963 (D)(2) (a) to move the docks by consolidating them into 1 dock And to raise the top of the rail elevation to the 2 slip dock 1) 25-2-492 to decrease the minimum interior side SB, to decrease the Minimum rear yard SB, to increase the BC, to increase the IC 1) 25-10-124 (B)(1)(b) to increase the maximum sign area on lot and 25-10-125 (B)(2) height 2) 25-2-721 (C)(1) and (2) secondary SB area to allow construction of a home And to increase the maximum allowable IC 3) 25-2-492 to decrease the minimum interior side SB Discussion Items 10 July2020 interpretations 0 new inquiries The deposition of the case items: A. Granted 2 B. Postponed 1 C. Withdrawn 0 D. Denied 3 E. Discussion Items 10 (Added July’s # 2020) E-1/1