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BOA GENERAL REVIEW COVERSHEET CASE: C15-2020-0037 BOA DATE: August 10th, 2020 ADDRESS: 43 N IH 35 SVRD NB OWNER: Paul Stables COUNCIL DISTRICT: 3 AGENT: James Schissler ZONING: GR-MU-V-CO-NP LEGAL DESCRIPTION: NE TRI OF LOT 4 LOT 5-6 LESS SW TRI BLK B OLT 54,55&71 DIV O LAMBIES R C RESUB OF VOSS VARIANCE REQUEST: reduce required parking spaces from 15 to 11 SUMMARY: erect a 5,820 sq. ft. Administrative Office Building ISSUES: size of lot due to a triangular shape after TXDOT right-of-way purchase for IH-35 ZONING GR-MU-V-CO-NP Site North GR-MU-CO-NP South CS-MU-V-CO-NP East West GR-MU-CO-NP IH-35 LAND USES Community Commercial; Mixed Use Community Commercial; Vertical Mixed Use General Commercial Services; Vertical Mixed Use Community Commercial; Mixed Use Highway NEIGHBORHOOD ORGANIZATIONS: Austin Independent School District Austin Lost and Found Pets Austin Neighborhoods Council Bike Austin Del Valle Community Coalition East Austin Conservancy East Cesar Chavez Neighborhood Association East Cesar Chavez Neighborhood Plan Contact Team East Town Lake Citizens Neighborhood Association El Concilio Mexican-American Neighborhoods Friends of Austin Neighborhoods Greater East Austin Neighborhood Association Guadalupe Neighborhood Development Corporation Homeless Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Empowerment Foundation Neighbors United for Progress Preservation Austin SELTexas Sierra Club, Austin Regional Group Tejano Town Waterloo Greenway C-2/1 C-2/2 CITY OF AUSTIN Development Services Department Board of Adjustment General/Parking Variance Application WARNING: Filing of this appeal stops all affected construction activity. If more space is required, please complete Section as needed. For Office Use Only Section 1: Applicant Statement 43 N IH 35 NB NE Triangle of Lot 4, Lots 5-6 Less SW Triangle, Block B RC Lambies Resubd iof Voss Addition Subdivision 4 - 6 B GR-MU-V-CO-NP James M. Schissler Cooee Yakka, LLC July 13 2020 5820 SF Administrative Office Bldg. with reduced parking spaces C-2/3 Portion of the City of Austin Land Development Code applicant is seeking a variance from: ____________________________________________________________________________ I am requesting a variance from the Land Development Code Chapter 25-6, Appendix A for a ____________________________________________________________________________ GR-MU-V-CO-NP commercial property to allow 11 parking spaces, which is less than the 15 ____________________________________________________________________________ parking spaces required after reductions. ____________________________________________________________________________ Section 2: Variance Findings The Board must determine the existence of, sufficiency of, and weight of evidence supporting the findings described below. Therefore, you must complete each of the applicable Findings Statements as part of your application. Failure to do so may result in your application being rejected as incomplete. Please attach any additional supporting documents. NOTE: The Board cannot grant a variance that would provide the applicant with a special privilege not enjoyed by others similarly situated or potentially similarly situated. I contend that my entitlement to the requested variance is based on the following findings: Reasonable Use The zoning regulations applicable to the property do not allow for a reasonable use because: ____________________________________________________________________________ This is not a request for variance from a zoning regulations, a rezoning case, C14-2019-0101, ____________________________________________________________________________ was approved to remove the restriction on administrative office from the property. ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ Hardship a) The hardship for which the variance is requested is unique to the property in that: ____________________________________________________________________________ The triangular shape of the remaining portions of the lots after TxDOT right-of-way purchase for ____________________________________________________________________________ IH 35 severely limits the size of the site and therefore the portion of the site that can be used ____________________________________________________________________________ for parking. The Waterfront Overlay also limits impervious cover to 70 percent, well below the ____________________________________________________________________________ 90 percent allowed by zoning. ____________________________________________________________________________ b) The hardship is not general to the area in which the property is located because: ____________________________________________________________________________ Other lots on the block are rectangular shaped whereas this site is at the end of the block that ____________________________________________________________________________ had TxDOT right-of-way purchased for construction of IH 35. Approximately 47.5 percent of the ____________________________________________________________________________ original lots was purchased by TxDOT. ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ City of Austin | Board of Adjustment General/Parking Variance Application 09/11/2015 | Page 5 of 8 C-2/4 Area Character The variance will not alter the character of the area adjacent to the property, will not impair the use of adjacent conforming property, and will not impair the purpose of the regulations of the zoning district in which the property is located because: ____________________________________________________________________________ The site is on the IH 35 frontage road and is adjacent to commercial property, the site is zoned ____________________________________________________________________________ to allow administrative office use so will not affect the adjacent uses. THe adjacent prpoerties ____________________________________________________________________________ are zoned for commercial uses. ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ Parking (additional criteria for parking variances only) Request for a parking variance requires the Board to make additional findings. The Board may grant a variance to a regulation prescribed in the City of Austin Land Development Code Chapter 25-6, Appendix A with respect to the number of off-street parking spaces or loading facilities required if it makes findings of fact that the following additional circumstances also apply: 1. Neither present nor anticipated future traffic volumes generated by the use of the site or the uses of sites in the vicinity reasonably require strict or literal interpretation and enforcement of the specific regulation because: ____________________________________________________________________________ The small administrative office building will not generate high traffic volumes and the location on ____________________________________________________________________________ IH 35 frontage road in downtown will facilitate alternate mobility options. A shower will be ____________________________________________________________________________ provided for tenant use to facilitate bicycle riding and alernate transportation options. ____________________________________________________________________________ 2. The granting of this variance will not result in the parking or loading of vehicles on public streets in such a manner as to interfere with the free flow of traffic of the streets because: ____________________________________________________________________________ There are 11 parking spaces on the site, so 73 percent of the required parking is provided. The ____________________________________________________________________________ building is small enough to use City of Austin Resource Recovery for trash collection on ____________________________________________________________________________ Clermont Avenue, and Clermont Avenue has parking on both sides of the street. ____________________________________________________________________________ 3. The granting of this variance will not create a safety hazard or any other condition inconsistent with the objectives of this Ordinance because: ____________________________________________________________________________ The project includes a 10-foot wide shared use path along IH-35 frontage road to facilitate ____________________________________________________________________________ pedestrians and bicyclist access to the site from adjacent streets without entering the traffic ____________________________________________________________________________ lanes. A shower will be provided for tenant use. ____________________________________________________________________________ 4. The variance will run with the use or uses to which it pertains and shall not run with the site because: ____________________________________________________________________________ The zoning ordinance for the property restricts the allowable uses by listing over 30 prohibited ____________________________________________________________________________ uses, including medical offices, general retail sales, consumer conveninece services, ____________________________________________________________________________ restaurants, software development and all automotive related uses. ____________________________________________________________________________ City of Austin | Board of Adjustment General/Parking Variance Application 09/11/2015 | Page 6 of 8 C-2/5 C-2/6 C-2/7 C-2/8 C-2/9 C-2/10 C-2/11 C-2/12