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Approved Minutes
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AUSTIN – TRAVIS COUNTY EMS ADVISORY BOARD MEETING MINUTES WEDNESDAY, May, 1, 2019 The Austin – Travis County EMS Advisory Board convened on MAY 1, 2019, 15 Waller Street, in Austin, Texas at 9:30 a.m. Board Members in Attendance: Tracy Dalbosco, Chris Ziebell, Lisa Harris, Justin Otwell, John Villanacci, Jerry Staton, Janice Bray, Robert Ugaste Board Members Absent: None Other Attendees: James Kempema, Jeff Hayes, Andy Hofmeister, Chuck Brotherton, Vivian Holmes, Mike Benavides, Selena Xi, Kerri Lang, Rob Vires, Keith Simpson, Ernesto Rodriguez, Teresa Gardner 1. CALL TO ORDER – May 1, 2019 The meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m. 2. QUORUM DETERMINATION A quorum was met and the meeting proceeded. 3. REVIEW AND APPROVE MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING Motion: The minutes for the regular meeting of February 6, 2019 were approved on a motion by Board Member Villanacci and seconded by Board Member Staton on an 8-0 vote. 4. RECOGNITION OF SERVICE AND RECOGNITION a) Mark Clayton – Appreciation was given to Mr. Clayton for his service as a Board Member and Chair for eight years; August, 2010 to July, 2018. b) Justin “Dusty” Otwell – Appreciation was given to Mr. Otwell for his service as a Board Member for over three years; November, 2015 to May, 2019. 5. RECEIVE CITIZEN COMMUNICATIONS/COMMENT – None 6. BRIEFING OF CITY OF AUSTIN BUDGET PROCESS FOR FY2020 AND POSSIBLE ACTION • Keith Simpson, EMS Chief Strategist, provided an overview of the City’s Strategic Direction 2023. • Kerri Lang, Assistant Director Administration and Finance, provided a presentation of FY2019-2020 Budget Forecast. Items needed by EMS for the upcoming budget year are: o Host Program - 1 sworn full-time employee, 2 civilian full-time employees and a vehicle o Del Valle Station to open in 2020 and will need to hire 12 sworn full-time employees o Zoll maintenance o Nationwide Program: Stop the Bleed training for school district in high schools o Paramedic Response Unit (PRU)– 3 sworn full-time employees, emergency vehicle, *Out of the above, the top needs for EMS are Stop the Bleed and PRU. • Board Members would like more notice on the budget process in order to digest the information. • The City’s priorities are homelessness and mental healthcare. When asked for his input on budget needs Chief Rodriguez responded: o 1) Expand Communications, o 2) Expand the Homeless Outreach Street Team, and o 3) Come up with better expansion plan for Austin to handle the growth such as putting a PRU in downtown Austin which will cost one-third less than an ambulance. MOTION: Board Member Otwell motioned to support the Paramedic Response Unit and to add more personnel to Communications Dispatch. Board Member volunteers will complete the budget form by the deadline; seconded by Vice Chair Ziebell, on an 8/0 vote. Board Members Ugaste and Bray volunteered to complete the budget form. 7. REVIEW OF SYSTEM REPORTS • Reviewed average response intervals for FY2018 by priority and zone (see attached). Note that EMS does not usually give average response times; however since Board Member Harris requested the report at the last meeting it has been included in the packet. • Chief Gardner reviewed reports on the Dashboard for overall response time rate. o Board discussion took place about response times and the need to have staff and units to support the growth of the community otherwise EMS could face slower response times. o Chief Rodriguez commented that improvment in Travis County response times are a result of the interlocal agreement with Travis County and working closely with Mr. Brotherton. o Vice Chair Ziebell suggested to remove reports that do not need improvement and look at those that need it in order to determine what the needs really are and recommends setting stretch goals, which are done in his industry. o EMS OpStat review is performed daily to look at prior days responses. o Board Members commented that with the trend of citizens leaving Austin due to the high cost of living, ESDs are growing and they will need more resourses as growth continues. o Suggestion to pick two reports to review at each meeting for board members to review so they can see what needs the most support and will allow them to advocate to Council et al, for specific needs. o Chief Rodriguez said current need is for additional dispatch personnel. Peak load shift is being looked at by Communications staff. o Board Member Otwell encouraged the Board to stay on top of reports since growth will continue. 8. RECEIVE UPDATES FROM SYSTEM AGENCIES REPRESENTATIVES: a) Medical Director’s Report: Mark Escott, Medical Director, Office of the Medical Director (OMD) b) Austin EMS Department: Ernesto Rodriguez, Chief • Chief Rodriguez provided updates including on the Strategic Direction and budget needs for programs such as Stop the Bleed, Communications staff, Paramedic Response Units (PRU) and Homelessness (HOST). c) Travis County Emergency Services: Chuck Brotherton, County Executive • Provided overview of Travis County budget process. • Travis County Commissioners Court has been discussing revenue caps. Facing 3.5% roll back. Anticipate a cap due to two State Bills and will know more by the end of May when the legislature will go into special session or if the governor will sign. • Budget Requests for FY2020: o FTE’s for Division Chief Clinical Performance Education Team o STAR Flight - Assistant Chief Pilot • Update on STAR Flight – new aircraft to be in service this summer; training for staff will occur before they go into service. • ILA – looks at all priorities. City is meeting the 90%. • ATCEMS Dispatch – The county is working with Chief Rodriguez at utilizing the helicopter more in the county to help with response times. • Board Members are invited to attend these events: o May 21st Travis County Commissioners Court will read a proclamation recognizing EMS Week. o May 29th is the STAR Flight dedication ceremony for the Kristin E. McLain Building followed by an Open House. d) Austin Fire Department: Rob Vires, Chief of Staff • Rob Vires is the new Chief of Staff for AFD and asked what types of items this board would like to see. • February 13th the new AEDs were ready and distributed. • ESO will be coming to AFD in Fall 2019. e) Emergency Services Districts: Robert Abbott, CAFCA President – Not present. • Dr. Kempema provided an update. He is the Medical Director for ESD #7 and they have maintained clinical guidelines with ATCEMS. • Training for ESDs – airway management, new techniques, simulation training, disaster/rescue responses. • Board Members asked what challenges they have had. Dr. Kempema said there is a good relationship with ATCEMS and the OMD where in the past it was viewed as divisive. He wants to make sure that there is continuity of care in the system. • Vice Chair Ziebell said evidence based and patient first is important and it is good to see how the city and county, OMD & ESDs have come together. 9. OTHER BUSINESS • Some board members inquired about homelessness. Chief Hofmeister provided information about HOST – Homelessness Outreach Street Team. Primarily HOST is dedicated to the downtown area. EMS community health paramedics work closely with other agencies in the city to provide basic medical needs to the homeless at monthly pop-up resource clinics. 10. ADJOURN The meeting was adjourned at 11:25 a.m. The minutes were approved on this the 7th day of August 2019 on a unanimous vote.