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Cultural Arts Funding Review Process Update ARTS COMMISSION JULY 18, 2022 Next steps 1-2 Months AAC + Community Big Picture Framework 3+ meetings 1-2 Months Arts Commission: Review & Voting Council Memo/Briefing 6 Weeks Thrive Application live Workshops Technical Assistance Working Group Approval Launch Guidelines Pre-Launch Contracting 3 Weeks AAC Guidelines Presentation (4/18) Revised Drafts Public (4/19) Feedback Form (4/19 - 5/10) Alignment with MED/HTD We are here! 2-3 Months Website/Portal Integration Community Navigators Panel Recruit/Equity Training 3 Months Evaluation/ Panels Council Approval Contracting Holistic Funding Ecosystem Nexus Nurture new and emerging applicants by funding creative public projects developed through community activation and/or collaboration. Elevate Creative and administrative expenses of cultural producers that amplify equity and prioritize inclusive programming. Thrive Focused investment to sustain and grow arts organizations that are deeply rooted in, and reflective of Austin’s diverse cultures. Pilot Program Thrive in Detail Goal Contract Term Type of Funding Who can apply? Selection Process Draft Total Available Funds Invest in diverse cultural institutions Flexible: Project/Operating (+Optional Networking/ Coaching/ Classes) 501(c) only with 5-year operating history in Austin Thrive 2 years Panel ~$3,000,000 Draft Award Amounts $80,000 - $150,000 Draft Number of Awardees 35 Scoring Criteria Maximum Points Thrive Scoring Categories Operations Cultural and Social Impact Mission and Key Constituencies History of Service Cultural Leadership Cultural Activities Relevance and Responsiveness Intersectionality Community Relationships Opportunity creation/ Community benefits Accessibility Cultural Institution Status 15 15 30 60 10 5 5 5 5 10 40 Panel Recruitment has begun! Learn more, Apply, Share: Note: to be considered for the Thrive Panel, please apply by September 30th Panel Training Paid Training ($300) Multi-lingual; Videos and pdfs Three modules: ◦ Equity and Unconscious bias (including an Austin context and guided discussion) ◦ Panel Expectations, Program Guidelines, Rubrics, Cultural Tourism requirements ◦ Technical Training for using the portal system to score applications Application assignments after training Panel Composition + Selection Panels will include: Selection Process: • A mix of local and out of town panelists (including community members) • A mix of arts administrators and practicing arts professionals • A mix of artistic discipline expertise • Equity expertise • Community-based artistic practice expertise • Non-profit expertise • 1+ month before close of an application, staff will select a minimum of 15 potential panelists per panel • Secondary form (detailed experience, availability) • All panels will have an odd number of panelists • 7-9 candidates must be available on the day-of meeting(s) Panel Operations Operations: • Public can watch the "day-of" panels • There will be no interaction between panelists and applicants • Panelists will be paid for reviewing applications and also paid • There will not be discipline-specific panels • 501c applications will be reviewed separately from non-501c per meeting day applications Program-Specific Panel Details: Thrive Thrive (7-9 Panelists) • One multidisciplinary panel will review all Thrive applications • The panel will review and score applications prior to panel meeting(s) • The ~50 top scoring applications will be reviewed/discussed during the panel meeting • Panelists have the option to make a passion plea for an applicant (not top scoring) they feel has merit to be discussed at the virtual panel meeting • Panelists will be paid for training ($300), reviewing/scoring applications ($300), and up to 3 meeting days ($300/day) Program-Specific Panel Details Elevate (40 Panelists) • ROUND 1 – 30 Panelists • Minimum of 3 people will review and score each application. Panelists must provide comments. • A minimum of 100 top scoring Nonprofit applications will move on to round 2 • A minimum of 50 top scoring non-501cs will move on to round 2 • Panelist will have two weeks to review a max of 15 applications each • Round 1 panelists will receive payment for completing the panelist training ($300) as well as reviewing the assigned applications ($300) • ROUND 2 – 5 Panelists Reviewing 501cs; 5 Panelists Reviewing non-501cs • Minimum of 5 people review each application (3-4 weeks to review) • A single panel will be held for top-scoring 501c applications and a separate single panel will be held for non-501c applications • Round 2 panelists will receive payment for completing the training ($300), reviewing/scoring applications ($300), and up to 2 meeting days ($300/day)