Austin Integrated Water Resource Planning Community Task ForceMay 3, 2022

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5/3/2022 Water Forward 2018 FY22 Q2 Implementation Progress Report Actual vs. planned progress On Schedule FY22 Q2 Stats N/A Water Forward 2024 The five-year update to the Water Forward 2018 Plan will include updated data, analyses, and community engagement activities. The final plan will include an updated 50-year portfolio of water management strategies and a 100-year adaptive management plan. FY22 Q2 Progress Continued development of 2020 population estimates and began development of 100-year projections. Achieved substantial completion of Disaggregated Demand Model improvements. Continued climate and hydrology analysis. Updated mission statement and guiding principles. Current/Planned FY22 Q3 Activities Develop 100-year population and employment projections.Refine modeling scenarios for use in preliminary water supply needs analyses. Begin updating the characterization of Water Forward 2018 Water Management Strategies. Begin development of the Equity and Affordability Roadmap. Future Implementation Steps FY22: Begin community engagement, update methodology, demands, climate & hydrology analysis. FY23: Identify water needs, strategies, develop portfolios. My ATX Water This program will replace more than 250,000 analog water meters with digitally read water meters connected to a wireless network. The My ATX Water program also includes a brand-new customer portal that provides up-to-date water usage metrics, leak alerts, emergency alerts, water conservation tips, and many other customizable features. Actual vs. planned progress FY22 Q2 Stats Delayed; Aclara had difficulties hiring the right number of meter installers and retaining workers at the beginning of the project. Various freezes, boil water notices, and other issues also diminished their numbers. ~42,000 - # of meters installed ~12,500 - # of customer portal registrations 32% - Avg. customer portal registration rate ~16,000 - # of continuous usage alerts FY22 Q2 Progress My ATX Water contracted vendor, Aclara, performed pre- install field surveys and continued meter installations around Austin, bringing the total number of installs to ~42,000. The My ATX Water customer portal has a 32% adoption rate, compared to other Watersmart clients’ 25% average. Current/Planned FY22 Q3 Activities Meter surveys and installs continue around Austin, increasing in frequency as more installers are hired. A marketing push for more portal sign ups is also being planned. Future Implementation Steps FY23: Installation of 250,000 meters will continue. FY25: Anticipated project completion. r a e Y / t e e F e r c A 0 8 8 3 , : 0 4 0 2 5/3/2022 Water Forward 2018 FY22 Q2 Implementation Progress Report Actual vs. planned progress FY22 Q2 Stats Irrigation and Landscape Ordinance AW will create an Irrigation and Landscape Ordinance for new single-family residences that will set requirements for conserving water in irrigation systems and landscapes. On Schedule FY22 Q2 Progress AW staff conducted online stakeholder meetings for internal, external, and public groups. A survey created by the ordinance team was posted on the SpeakUp Austin page and input was collected (173 responses in Q2). A meeting with the Irrigation Association of Austin was held on March 2nd. Current/Planned FY22 Q3 Activities A second public meeting will be given twice on May 2nd and May 5th. A second external stakeholder meeting will be given twice the last week of May. These meetings will focus on the input from the online survey and the feedback from the local Irrigation, Turf Grass, and Homebuilder Associations. r a e Y / t e e F e r c A 0 4 0 3 , : 0 4 0 2 3 - # of community engagement events 39 - # of meeting attendees 173 - # of survey responses Future Implementation Steps FY23: Planned completion and adoption of landscape transformation ordinance. OWRS, Benchmarking and Reclaimed Code Changes This suite of code changes includes requirements that site plan submittals include water benchmarking applications, extends the current reclaimed connection requirements, and requires that new developments ≥250,000 square feet install onsite water reuse systems. Actual vs. planned progress On Schedule FY22 Q2 Stats N/A FY22 Q2 Progress Began drafting mandatory OWRS rules and regulations and modeling impacts to development projects. Met with Housing and Planning to discuss approach for developing the Affordability Impact Statement. Current/Planned FY22 Q3 Activities Working with internal COA stakeholders to ensure implementation of mandatory program is smooth across departments (working with Watershed Protection to develop dual crediting policies, developing billing and metering approach, working with Law on ordinance language). Future Implementation Steps Work towards Council adoption of Mandatory ORWS ordinance in December 2023. Plan for external stakeholder engagement. Update OWRS guidance materials to reflect mandatory program requirements. Water Forward 2018 FY22 Q2 Implementation Progress Report Actual vs. planned progress FY22 Q2 Stats Onsite Water Reuse Systems (OWRS) In December 2020, the City of Austin adopted the Onsite Water Reuse Systems Ordinance to regulate the collection, treatment, and use of alternative water sources for non- potable uses in multi-family and commercial buildings. AW's new OWRS team implements these requirements and assists the development community with the benchmarking and OWRS application processes. On Schedule 5/3/2022 35 - # of benchmarking applications received (this quarter) 15 - # of benchmarking applications received for developments >250,000 Square Feet (this quarter) 2 - # of OWRS applications received (FYTD) 2 - # of OWRS incentive applications received (FYTD) FY22 Q2 Progress Staff has reviewed OWRS applications that have come in and fielded questions on several potential applications. Staff has reviewed water benchmarking applications for all site plans submitted after Dec. 1, 2021. Current/Planned FY22 Q3 Activities Staff is planning to have the OSCAR and CLARA pilot commissioned by May 1st and a public event to celebrate on June 8th. Staff is working towards improving the water benchmarking review process for accurate data collection for future budgeting strategies and benefit to the developer in terms of information gained. Future Implementation Steps Targeting to have pilot incentive funds applied to ~3-4 systems and approve ~5-6 OWRS throughout the voluntary phase. Once systems are approved, will begin to implement inspections and periodic reporting. Developing national OWRS operator certification program. Actual vs. planned progress FY22 Q2 Stats 3 - # of decentralized reclaimed water customers 34.04 - Decentralized reclaimed water use (MG) r a e Y / t e e F e r c A 0 8 4 5 , : 0 4 0 2 / r a e Y F A 0 6 5 3 , : 0 4 0 2 Decentralized Reclaimed Decentralized reclaimed is the collection of effluent from the wastewater system in new development areas, treatment to non-drinking water quality at a small wastewater treatment plant, and reuse at the community scale via a decentralized reclaimed water distribution system that would be separate from the centralized reclaimed water system. On Schedule FY22 Q2 Progress AW prepared draft Decentralized Reclaimed Area Plans for North and South Fork Basin and is currently working on the draft area plan for Elm and Decker Creek Basins. AW has also created a draft Decentralized Reclaimed Planning Areas map containing expected service areas and other relevant decision-making information for anticipated Decentralized Reclaimed facilities, which is under internal review. Current/Planned FY22 Q3 Activities AW will continue developing infrastructure plans related to decentralized reclaimed for small area planning polygons. Future Implementation Steps FY22: Staff will continue development of Decentralized Reclaimed planning products and will begin updating analysis in preparation of Water Forward 2024 Plan Update. Water Forward 2018 FY22 Q2 Implementation Progress Report Actual vs. planned progress FY22 Q2 Stats Delayed; The completion of the Core Loop Mains has been delayed in order to avoid conflicts with Project Connect’s Orange Line. ~180 - # of centralized reclaimed water customers 232 - Centralized reclaimed water use in Q2 (MG) 501 - Centralized reclaimed water use YTD (MG) 5/3/2022 r a e Y / t e e F e r c A 0 8 4 5 1 , : 0 4 0 2 r a e Y / t e e F e r c A 0 0 0 0 6 , : 0 4 0 2 Centralized Reclaimed Austin Water provides highly treated wastewater through the centralized reclaimed water system for non-potable uses such as irrigation, cooling, manufacturing, and toilet flushing. The Water Forward plan includes expansion of the existing reclaimed water system to meet non-potable demands. FY22 Q2 Progress Design is ongoing for the final Completing the Core mains. Advertised and opened bids for Onion Creek Phase 1 Main. Chlorinator start up at Montopolis Pump Station. Provided water quality data/samples to Tesla and NXP Semiconductor. Finalized Resource Infrastructure Plan. Aquifer Storage and Recovery Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) is a water supply strategy to store available water in a natural aquifer during wet times for later recovery and use. An ASR project will make Austin’s water supply more resilient to the effects of climate change and drought and could provide a second source of water during emergencies, like freeze events or flooding. FY22 Q2 Progress Finalized high-level storage zone screening; continued work on detailed storage zone analysis. Finalized integration point analysis. Conducted community workshops to share info about ASR and get input on equity and affordability concerns. Continued work on community engagement planning and materials. Current/Planned FY22 Q3 Activities Continue design of the final Completing the Core mains. Advertise the Oltorf Phase 1 Main. Brief Water Forward Task Force on the Centralized Reclaimed System. Future Implementation Steps FY22: Start design of SAR and Montopolis Pump Station Upgrades. FY26: Estimated completion of all Completing the Core mains in FY26. Actual vs. planned progress FY22 Q2 Stats On Schedule 3 - # of community engagement events 157 - # of meeting attendees Current/Planned FY22 Q3 Activities Finalize detailed storage zone analysis and begin developing project alternatives. Prepare for and begin widespread community engagement efforts, informed by the equity and affordability roadmap, to gather community input on criteria and weightings for project evaluation. Future Implementation Steps FY22-23: Initial contract and identify where to pilot. FY24-27: Design, construct, and test ASR pilot. Develop recommendations for full-scale ASR. FY28-35: Preliminary engineering, design, construction of full- scale ASR.