Austin Integrated Water Resource Planning Community Task ForceMarch 21, 2022

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Water Forward 2018 Implementation Progress Water Forward FY22 Q2 Report Q1 = Oct, Nov, Dec Q2 = Jan, Feb, Mar FY22 Q1 Progress Current/Planned FY22 Q2 Activities Future Implementation Steps Water Forward 2024 Began development of baseline 2020 demographic data, continued work on disaggregated demand model structural improvements, and continued climate and hydrology analysis. Begin development of 100-year demographic projections, continue DDM improvements, continue climate and hydrology analysis, update mission statement and guiding principles. FY22: Begin community engagement, update methodology, demands, climate & hydrology analysis. FY23: Identify water needs, strategies, develop portfolios. Conservation My ATX Water 2040 Yield Target: 3,880 AF/Yr My ATX Water team performed pre-install field surveys and continued meter installations, bringing the total number of meters installed to ~27,000. The My ATX Water customer portal was at ~40% adoption rate for customers after new meter is installed. Landscape Transformation Ordinance 2040 Yield Target: 3,040 AF/Yr AW staff developed project plan, presented to Water Forward Task Force, and prepared for stakeholder engagement. A SpeakUp Austin! site has been established. Drought Supplies Aquifer Storage and Recovery 2040 Yield Target: 60,000 AF/Yr Continued work on detailed storage zone screening. Continued work on integration point analysis, the ASR engagement and education plan, educational materials, and equity work. . Surveys and installs will continue around the city, moving from neighborhood to neighborhood as more installers are hired. FY22: Installation of 250,000 meters continues. FY25: Anticipated project completion. An online stakeholder meeting, focusing on professional/environmental organizations, will take place 2/10 and an online public meeting will take place on 02/23. Complete detailed storage zone analysis and integration point characterization. Prepare for community engagement in Spring ‘22 and begin work to develop scenarios for project alternatives. FY22: Begin stakeholder engagement. FY23: Planned completion and adoption of landscape transformation ordinance. FY22-23: Initial contract and identify where to pilot. FY24-27: Design, construct, and test ASR pilot. Develop recommendations for full-scale ASR. FY28-35: Preliminary engineering, design, construction of full-scale ASR. Next Quarterly Report  Quarterly report edits to include: • Actual versus planned progress • Additional standardized metrics that will be included as a part of the Water Forward 2018 Quarterly Implementation Reports  The updated Q2 report covering January, February, and March will be presented at the May 3rd Task Force meeting Questions