African American Resource Advisory Commission - July 12, 2022

African American Resource Advisory Commission Regular Meeting of the African American Resource Advisory Commission

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AFRICAN AMERICAN RESOURCE ADVISORY COMMISSION Regular Meeting – July 12, 2022, 5:30 P.M. – 7:30 P.M. City of Austin Permitting and Development Center 6310 Wilhelmina Delco Dr. Austin, Texas 78752 AGENDA Some members of the Commission may be participating by videoconference. Public comment will be allowed in person or via telephone. Remote speakers must register in advance (July 11th by Noon). All public comment will occur at the beginning of the meeting. To speak remotely, residents must: Call or email the board liaison at Linda Hayes at Economic Development Department, at (512-974-6282)lindak.hayes@austintexas,gov , no later than noon June 6th. The information required is the speaker’s name, item number(s) they wish to speak on, whether they are for/against/neutral, email address and telephone number (must be the same number that will be used to call into the meeting). CURRENT BOARD MEMBERS Cherelle Vanbrakle Vice Chair (District 4) Dewi Smith (District 1) Clifford Gillard (District 3) Vacant (District 6) Rashida Wright (District 8) Quincy Dunlap (AAUL Appointee) Nelson Linder (NAACP Appointee) Elaina Fowler, Chair (District 10) Daryl Horton, (Appointee) Mueni Rudd (District 2) Dr. Chiquita Eugene (District 5) Serita Fontanesi (District 7) Vacant (District 9) Greg Smith (ARA Appointee) CALL TO ORDER PUBLIC COMMUNICATION Roger Davis (GABC Appointee) AGENDA The first 10 speakers who register to speak no later than July 11th by noon the day before the meeting will be allowed a three-minute allotment to address their concerns regarding items not posted on the agenda. APPROVAL OF MINUTES – June 7th meeting minutes was approved DISCUCSSION AND ACTION ITEMS 1. Presentation by Craig McCullough regarding the ATX Walk Bike Roll (ATXWBR) project seeking recommendations and possible action to update Austin’s sidewalk, urban trails and bicycle plans in the Austin Strategic Mobility Plan (ASMP). 2. Presentation by Grace Nguyen of Capital Metro’s Community Engagement team regarding potential new programs, Fare capping and Equifare, a new discounted fare category, seeking input and possible action regarding the potential programs. 3. Presentation by Jeremy Brown regarding the Reggie Rap's Room web-series seeking input and possible action regarding their youth education and mental health programs. 4. Presentation by Leah Newkirk Meunier regarding youth mentoring program seeking input and possible action regarding the program. POSSIBLE ACTION – 5. Discussion on Town Hall Meeting, 6. Summer Retreat with David Gray 7. Approval on Joint Inclusion Alternate WORKING GROUPS AND ASSIGNMENTS 8. Safety 9. Economic Opportunity and Affordability 10. Health …

Scraped at: July 5, 2022, 8:30 p.m.