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Journey With AUS - Airport Expansion & Development Program Active Projects Update Airport Advisory Commission July 2024 Lyn Estabrook Deputy Chief – Planning & Development Table of Contents ● Utilities Infrastructure Campus-Wide ● Central Utility Plant Relocation ● Parking and Landside: West Garage Lot B ● West Gate Expansion ● Cargo Development East ● Fuel Facility ● West Infill and TSA Checkpoint 3 Expansion ● Airfield Infrastructure – Midfield Taxiways ○ Multiphases overview ○ Major Scopes of Work Commissioning Phases ○ ○ ○ Austin Bridge and Road Contract Authority Grant Funding Opportunities ● Concourse B and Tunnel Utility Infrastructure Campus-Wide ● Latest Updates ○ ○ ○ UICW PES: Phase A Contract Execution on or before June 30, 2024 UICW CMAR Council Award July 18, 2024 CMAR Pre Construction Service NTP by end of August 2024 ● Anticipated Timeline ○ Procurement: Q1 2024 – Q3 2024 ○ Design: Q3 2024 – Q3 2025 ○ Preconstruction: Q3 2024– Q3 2025 ○ Build: Q4 2025 – Q3 2027 Central Utility Plant Relocation ● Latest Updates ○ ○ July 2024 Anticipated Design Build Contract Execution/Notice to Proceed August 2024 Design Builder's Validation of Design Criteria Manual with Scope, Cost and Schedule. ● Anticipated Timeline Procurement: Q4 2023 – Q3 2024 ○ ○ Design: Q3 2024 – Q3 2025 ○ Build: Q2 2025 – Q4 2027 Conceptual rendering Parking and Landside: West Garage Lot B ● Latest Updates ○ ○ ○ ○ Proposed A/E and CMR approved by Airport Advisory Committee Project team began meeting to discuss scope and schedule Proposed A/E and CMR firms approved by City Council 5/30/24 Contract negotiations underway ● Anticipated Timeline Procurement: Q1 2024 – Q3 2024 ○ ○ Design: Q3 2024 – Q3 2025 ○ Build: Q3 2025 – Q1 2028 Conceptual rendering BJT Optimization: West Gates Expansion ● Latest Updates ○ Temporary Gate 33 opened and in use ○ Northside grade beams excavated, formed and concrete placed ○ North trench drain extension ○ completed Steel erection anticipated to begin mid-June ● Anticipated Timeline ○ Build: Q2 2023 – Q1 2026 First Journey With AUS project crane Cargo Development East ● Latest Updates ○ Security System and connection to other aviation systems underway ○ Nearing Substantial Completion ● Anticipated Timeline ○ Activate: Q2 2024 Interior – New East Cargo Building Fuel Facility ● Latest Updates ○ New fuel facility is under ○ operations by Menzies Aviation Landscaping is ongoing until fully established in a year ● Anticipated Timeline ○ Activate: Q4 2023 – Q2 2024 View of New Trees from the top of Tank 102 BJT Optimization: West Infill & TSA Checkpoint 3 Expansion *As part of the Outbound Baggage Handling System project ● Latest Updates ○ Demolition of checkpoint bridge ○ New Infill building foundation work complete continues ● Anticipated Timeline ○ Build: Q1 2024 – Q1 2026 Please add any new imagery if applicable here Building Foundation Work Airfield Infrastructure: Midfield Taxiways ○ ○ ○ ● Latest Updates 100% Design underway GMP development ongoing, with delivery anticipated end of June. ● Anticipated Timeline Pre-Construction GMP Support: Q3 2023 – Q3 2024 ○ Design: Q3 2023 – Q3 2024 ○ Build: Q4 2024 – Q2 2027 • Upcoming Council Requests (August 29): o o $155M additional Authority for ABR (CMAR) $6M additional Authority for RS&H (design) New conceptual rendering Midfield Taxiways – Multi Phases: October 2024 to April 2027 Austin Bridge and Road Contract Authority • Delivery Order DO 610022121503572 - CMR for AEDP Airfield Infrastructure with Austin Bridge & Road was executed May 2022 • Authorization Not To Exceed is $165,000,000 • Currently under contract for $1,078,933.97 for Preconstruction Services • Additional authority of $155,000,000 to cover GMP for Midfield Taxiways and additional GMPs for other airfield enabling work, including pavement repair and additional or relocation of utilities • Request to increase ABR Contract Authority to $320,000,000 Midfield Taxiway Grant Funding Opportunities • AUS applied for AIP Grant 73 Entitlements, awaiting funding in September $2.8M • AUS applied for ATP Grant 74, finalizing Forms for submission in June $14.25M • Letter of Intent for Guaranteed Maximum Price 1, up to $200M Concourse B and Tunnel ● Latest Updates - Currently In Scope: o o o o New double loaded midfield concourse consisting of a minimum of 20 and up to 30 gates Pedestrian, Baggage Handling System and Utility Tunnel Cells Passenger and tenant amenities and space Apron civil work includes taxilane relocation, connection to existing taxiways and connecting underground utilities to the new utility corridor for permanent services ● Anticipated Timeline Procurement: In progress ○ ○ Design: 2024 - 2026 Build: 2026- 2030 ○ Barbara Jordan Terminal – Tunnel Interface Concept Tunnel Concept – between Terminals – section under apron Concourse B and Tunnel Current Procurement Schedule ● Solicitation for Concourse B and Tunnel A/E advertised 3/25/2024 and closed 5/7/2024 ○ Shortlist of A/E firms on 6/11/2024, Interviewed on 6/25/24 for final selection ● Solicitation for Concourse B and Tunnel CMR advertised 4/29/2024 and closed 6/12/2024 ○ Shortlist of CMR firms on 7/9/24 to be interviewed on July 23, 2024 ● Final A/E and CMR recommendations to be presented to the Airport Advisory Commission on August 14, 2024 Appendix Project Details Disadvantage Business Enterprise Goals and Delivery Methods Midfield Taxiways ● Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Goals Utility Infrastructure Campus-Wide ● Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Goals Design: 17% Construction: 11.12% ● Delivery Methods Design: RS&H Design: 5.75% Construction: 6.32% ● Delivery Methods Design: HDR Engineering, Inc. Construction: Construction Manager At Risk: Austin Bridge & Road Construction: Construction Manager at Risk: To Be Determined Midfield Investigations & Vehicle Checkpoints ● Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Goals Design: 73% Construction: To Be Determined Delivery Methods Design: Garver Construction: DBB West Garage Lot B ● Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Goals Design: 10.54% Construction: 14.27% ● Delivery Methods Design: PGAL, Inc. Construction: Construction Manager At Risk: Austin Commercial, LP ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ Project Details Disadvantage Business Enterprise Goals and Delivery Methods West Gate Expansion ● Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Goals Design: 17% Construction: 11.12% ● Delivery Methods Outbound Baggage Handling System & West Infill ● Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Goals ○ Construction & Design: 5.52% □ 10% anticipated Design: Page Architects (Rotation List) Construction: Hensel Phelps ● Delivery Methods ○ Design-Build □ Whiting-Turner □ Gensler, VTC BHS ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ Cargo Development East ● Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Goals Design: 15.8% Construction: 1.13% □ 7.36% anticipated ● Delivery Methods Design: Atkins Construction: JE Dunn and Flintco Project Descriptions West Gate Expansion – 13184.014 ● The main expansion project will add 3 new Gates (short term) to the west end of the Barbara Jordan Terminal (BJT) and replace 12 aging boarding gates. This project will provide infrastructure needed for passenger growth, comfort, health and safety. Cargo Development East – 13189.026 ● A 90,000 SF facility for operators/tenants with room to expand to 99,000 SF. Includes employee parking, truck staging, drainage infrastructure, 3 aircraft parking positions. Outbound Baggage Handling System & West Infill – 5215.112 ● Design build a new centralized baggage handling system (BHS) to increase screening capacity, address existing operational concerns, and upgrade to 30 Million Annual Passengers processed. Includes the West Infill and TSA Checkpoint 3 expansion projects. Midfield Taxiways- 13188.003 ● Design and construct two concrete parallel midfield taxiways with taxiway connectors and access to the existing maintenance ramp. The project includes constructing two taxiway bridges, utility relocation, drainage improvements, demolition of existing pavements and infrastructure, new airfield lighting and signage, new security fencing, a new reclaimed water bulk refiling station and modifications to roadways and parking lots. Project Descriptions Airline Fuel Facility (tenant project)– F7003.08 ● The AUS Fuel Facility had reached a point where a significant renovation was necessary to support the current and future fuel delivery to aircraft at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS). The project includes two bulk fuel storage tanks, three truck offloading systems, transfer/receipt pumping systems, fuel recovery and waste management systems, supporting facilities, two underground fuel transfer lines, upgrades to the existing Fuel Facility and a decorative fence. West Garage – Lot B – 13308.002 ● Planning, design and construction of a multi-level parking garage with a capacity of approximately 7,700 spaces. The designated location for this garage is the current Lot B surface parking area (approx. 326,000 sf), situated directly north of the existing Blue Garage. This project creates additional parking to replace parking and revenue lost due to construction and to meet future demand connected with enplanement growth forecasts associated with the addition of Concourse B Central Utility Plant – 13307.002 ● Design, construct and commission a new, appropriately sized CUP and associated Thermal Energy Storage (TES) utilizing current efficiency technology, equipment, and operational processes to provide reliable, redundant and resilient service for the existing and future AUS cooling and heating loads. Utility Infrastructure Campus-Wide – 13307.001 ● Design and construct utility systems including reclaimed water, storm drainage, water quality pond/deicing pond, detention pond, hydronic piping (chilled and hot water), AUS medium voltage electrical power distribution center, ductbank, and electrical distribution system, redundant electrical duct banks (as an option), information technology/telecommunications duct banks, and other utility extensions that may be identified as the AEDP program progress and their seamless coordination with other AEDP facilities projects. Midfield Investigations and Vehicle Checkpoints – 6000.121 This project will expand guard-shacks at two vehicle ● Checkpoints, Alpha and Charlie, to allow efficient and secure access to the Aircraft Operations Area. The Midfield survey scope has been completed. Thank You!