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20240710-008 UICW Construction Contract RCA — original pdf

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City of Austin Recommendation for Action File #: 24-4953, Agenda Item #: 59. 7/18/2024(cid:4) Posting Language Authorize negotiation and execution of a contract for preconstruction and construction services for the Airport Expansion and Development Program Utility Infrastructure Campus Wide project with Sundt/Archer Western, a Joint Venture, for a total contract amount not to exceed $120,000,000. [Note: This contract will be awarded in compliance with the requirements of 49 CFR Part 26 (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program) and City Code Chapter 2-9A (Minority-Owned and Women-Owned Business Enterprise Procurement Program) by meeting the goals with 9.89% DBE participation]. Lead Department Financial Services Department. Managing Department Capital Delivery Services. Amount and Source of Funding Funding is available in the Fiscal Year 2023-2024 Capital Budget of the Aviation Department. Purchasing Language: The Financial Services Department issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQS) 6100 CLMA054 for these services. The solicitation was issued on February 19, 2024, and closed on March 29, 2024. Two offers were received; the recommended contractor submitted the best-evaluated responsive offer. A complete solicitation package, including a log of offers received, is available for viewing on the City’s website. This information can currently be found at Prior Council Action: November 30, 2023 - Council approved construction manager-at-risk methodology. For More Information: Direct questions regarding this Recommendation for Council Action to the Financial Services Department - Central Procurement at or 512-974-2500. Respondents to the solicitation and their Agents should direct all questions to the Authorized Contact Person identified in the solicitation. Council Committee, Boards and Commission Action: July 10, 2024 - To be reviewed by the Airport Advisory Commission. Additional Backup Information: Journey With Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) is Austin-Bergstrom International Airport's multi- year airport expansion, development and improvement program. The vision of the Journey With AUS is to meet the current and future needs of our growing region while staying true to our roots and elevating the City of Austin Page 1 of 2 Printed on 7/5/2024 powered by Legistar™ (cid:5) (cid:6) File #: 24-4953, Agenda Item #: 59. 7/18/2024(cid:4) passenger journey with an authentic Austin and Central Texas experience. The Utility Infrastructure Campus-Wide (UICW) project focuses on upgrading and adding essential utility systems, including electrical, information technology, storm drainage, water quality, and deicing systems. This upgraded infrastructure will support the increased demands of the expanded airport and ensure future growth can be accommodated. The construction manager-at-risk firm will provide preconstruction and construction phase services. The UICW project is an enabling project for the Airport Expansion and Development Program including the Central Utility Plant (CUP) Relocation, Arrival and Departure Hall, and Concourse B/Tunnel. Any delay to the UICW project will impact the CUP and Concourse B/Tunnel activation schedule. The limits of this project are within the boundaries of the airport campus, and no impacts to the surrounding community are anticipated as a result of this project. The Department of Aviation intends to apply for federal airport improvement program grants to partially fund this project. Prior to entering into the construction phase, the City will establish Disadvantaged Business Enterprise goals for construction. The construction manager-at-risk firm will submit a compliance plan meeting the construction goals or documentation detailing their good faith effort(s) to meet the established goals. Additional subcontracting opportunities will also arise during the construction phase of this project; however, the specific scopes and magnitude of the construction work cannot be determined until the design has been sufficiently completed. The construction manager-at-risk method is a project delivery method where the City will contract with an architect/engineer to perform design services and separately contract with a construction manager-at-risk firm to perform preconstruction and construction phase services. The role of the construction manager-at-risk firm goes beyond performing general contractor services. The construction manager-at-risk firm is under contract early in the design process to perform key preconstruction phase services such as collaborating with the City and the design team on scope and constructability to optimize the design and control costs. After design and before the construction manager-at-risk firm begins construction, the City will negotiate and execute a guaranteed maximum price for the remainder of the work, including actual construction. The construction manager-at-risk firm is recommended by a City-staffed evaluation panel that evaluated and scored proposals based on published evaluation criteria to determine the highest ranked proposer. As set forth in Government Code Chapter 2269, the City of Austin will select a construction manager-at-risk firm that will provide the “best value” to the City for preconstruction and construction services for the project. The contract allows 1,000 calendar days for substantial completion of construction for this project. This project is located within zip code 78719 (District 2). City of Austin Page 2 of 2 Printed on 7/5/2024 powered by Legistar™ (cid:5) (cid:6)