Airport Advisory CommissionJuly 10, 2024

20240710-009 VCR Contract RCA 3 — original pdf

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M/WBE Summary The Small and Minority Business Resources Department (SMBR) determined that no goals are appropriate for this solicitation. Although no goals have been established for this solicitation, the firm was required to comply with the City’s MBE/WBE Procurement Program if areas of subcontracting were identified. The following recommended firm has complied with the City’s MBE/WBE Procurement Program in subcontracting areas identified and were approved by SMBR. NON - MBE/WBE TOTAL - PRIME SAAB, Inc. d/b/a SAAB, East Syracuse, NY NON MBE/WBE – SUBCONTRACTORS Garver, LLC, Frisco, TX (virtual ramp control system installation) Robinson Aviation (RVA), Inc., Oklahoma City, (ramp control operations, staffing, training) 52.04% 47.96% 2.96% 45.00% Revised 1/2023